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Horticulture Export Development Foundation, in short ‘Hortex Foundation’, was established in 1993 with the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is registered as a company by Guarantee and licensed under section 26 of Companies Acts 1913. It is a “Not for Profit” organization.

The Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture is the ex-officio Chairman of Hortex Foundation, while the Managing Director works as the Chief Executive Officer. Hortex Foundation is governed under the Governing Body with policy guidance from a General Body, and operates according to the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Governing Body consists of 7 Directors and the General Body comprises 35 members, which is represented by public and private sectors.

A sustainable organized market of agro-commodities for export and domestic market. 

Development and promotion of agribusiness with high value agro-products for export and domestic market through technological and advisory support in order to boost up national economy and employment generation..